Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our Baby Avery!!!


Miss Avery Isabella Cascio
Born 8/30/09 @ 8:22 p.m.
7 lbs. 9 oz. and 19 in.

I know I am a little behind on announcing our newest bundle on here, but one look at her and you know why! I have been snuggling her non stop since she was born and its hard to put her down to get on this dang computer :) We are just loving her to pieces and even her older sister doesn't seem to mind having another "princess" around! Here are some of my favorite pictures of our little Avery! Daddy picked her the flower... I thought it was the perfect touch! :)
You have to have at least one good crying picture :) Its still cute at this age...
I fell in love with all of these ones on the fallen tree so there's a ton! But to a proud mommy, she looks so cute in every one of them... so I couldn't narrow it down any more!
A special thanks to my friends Brittany D. and Brittany B. (yes we are the 3 Brittany's haha) for buying me the baby pod and hat! And also to Carly for making them! :) I can't wait to trade with her for more of those! I seriously want a pod in EVERY color! Check out more of her stuff HERE. And another thank you to Britt D. for making Avery her pettiskirt and flower clip! Its so awesome having such talented friends :) Check out more skirts HERE!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Its a GIRL!!!!

We finally found out what this little bebe was hanging around in my belly... a GIRL!! She was a little camera shy (oh NO) and modest, so it took a while to see the she was a SHE but now there's no question! Although Brayden was a little bummed in the beginning to not be having a brother, he quickly got over it and is excited to have ANOTHER SISTER!! Riley still has no idea but I am sure she will soon enough!
Here's our second little princess due the end of August!!Her profile looks a lot like her sister's did, so it will be fun to see if they look anything alike! :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Miracles really DO happen!

A miracle came in the form of a smile on my baby girls face today!! After many failed attempts at getting Riley to smile with a camera present, today we finally succeeded!! And not just one picture, but multiple happy, laughing, cuteness filled pictures!! I made a big deal out of her looking so cute and talked her into taking a drive with our boys to take some pictures... and she was excited!! Man oh man what a day!!! Good thing Daddy was there to keep the smiles coming! I got some really fun ones of Brayden too... he is always up for it :)Okay so this isn't a smile, but I love the expression...
PURE JOY!!! Oh how I love her :)
Here's one of Brayden's famous self picked poses :) He cracks me up!
I told him I wanted to take a picture of his eyes and he gave me this... hehe
Just for fun :)
Speaking of miracles and cute kids... 32 weeks to go and counting!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My little stud muffin!

Its not very often that I really get the time to take pictures of my OWN kids, but Brayden just looked so dang cute today I HAD to! We went around a few places close to home... nothing fancy, just me and the kids wonderin around seeing what I could catch... but oh boy was that kid in the mood to model tonight :) He cracks me up... "mom how about I put my leg out like this" or "I think I will sit here, that should look good to me"... man oh man that boy is growing up too fast! Don't judge... they're not the best, but I love how handsome my little man is so of course its only natural to show it off.My new favorite!! :)
I would put some up here of Riley too, but as usual she had no interest in getting her picture taken...But I was able to get this... and it was ALL THEM!!! I love em :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rock N' Roll Diaper DIVA!

Oct. 18th was a big day for Riley. Many long hours were spent in preparation for the main event... the 5th Annual Diaper Decorating Contest at Stork Landing. Her Designers (Brittany & Brittany) slaved away to create her couture, one of a kind decorated diaper. They thought they all the measurements down pat, but come to find right before her big debut, she experienced her first wardrobe malfunction!! Her agent was in a panic trying to make the diaper fit over her BOOTYLICIOUS bumbum... and after some sweat and tearing of fabric and diaper, they were able to make do with the piece, much to her relief. Of course she didn't let a little set back like that ruin what was to be her most public event to date! When it came to her turn to take the runway, she handled it with class and sass... just like any funky Princess should! She was pleased to be voted ROCK N' ROLL DIAPER and excepted that award graciously! :)
She would like to thank everyone who made that day possible for her and for Stork Landing for keeping the dessert table well stocked!
Here are a very shots from her BIG DAY!Posing for the papparazzi!Talking to her reps :)
Checking out the competitionSometimes the pressure is just too much!